Portugal Set for Tourism Boost on Back of Big Waves

Garrett McNamara, a Hawaiian extreme surfer recently broke a world record by surfing a 100 foot wave of the Portuguese fishing village of Nazare. Certain regions of Portugal are already popular with surfers, especially the Cortegaca and Algarve regions, but Nazare is quite special in that enormous waves are generated by a combination of unique factors.

Apparently there is a 16,000 foot deep undersea canyon that becomes very shallow near the village, creating ideal conditions for huge waves during wintertime storms. The publicity surrounding the recent record breaking waves hasn’t escaped the attention of Portugal’s tourism office.

It’s been keen to point out that Portugal has 450 miles of pristine Atlantic coastline, and some excellent surfing beaches. Other places where ideal conditions generate the perfect waves for surfing include California, Brazil and of course Hawaii, all of which are a lot less accessible than Portugal.

Portugal has some beautifully unspoiled white sandy beaches that give direct access to perfect waves. When combined with beautiful scenery, an inexpensive cost of living and great local foods and wines it’s easy to see why this European country is popular with surfers looking for an affordably luxurious holiday destiantion.

Popular locations for surfing include Lagos in the Algarve, Ericeira, which is a beautiful traditional Portuguese town, Cascais, a town known for its rich history, and Peniche which attracts some of the top surfers in the world. Portuguese property is currently extremely affordable, and this is the perfect location for anyone who enjoys surfing and who would like to earn income from renting out their holiday home.