New energy certificates to be required by property vendors in Portugal

As from 1st December 2013, all estate agencies or private individuals selling or renting out property will be required by law to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with the property details.

The certificate, called Sistema de Certificação Energética dos Edifícios (SCE) in Portugal and which lasts for 10 years, will indicate the property’s energy efficiency on a scale of A+ to G, as well as a list of recommendations to improve energy consumption. If owners make changes to their property, for example fit double glazing, they can have it reassessed to gain a better score. Obligatory EPCs were introduced in Spain on the 1st June 2013,

Certificates will be issued after assessment by a qualified engineer, who calculates the thermal efficiency of the building. In order to have a property assessed, the following document s will need to be produced: Land registration, Caderneta, Habitation Licence, Architect / Project Plans and Ficha Technica.

SCE certificates will be issued at a cost of €250, and vendors and agents caught selling without one could land themselves hefty fines from the authorities.

Energy Performance Certificates form part of an initiative being used to establish the efficiency of properties, in an effort to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. This has come from the Kyoto Agreement, an international treaty, in which countries attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.

Estate agents vendors of property in Portugal should expect a transition period, while all parties get to grips with the formal procedures and finer details.

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