€6.5 Million to Be Spent Boosting Tourism in the Algarve

A plan worth €6.5 million has been approved to help boost tourism within the Algarve area. Around €4.3 million is to be invested in direct flights to Faro airport. These direct flights are to be promoted through joint campaigns with travel operators and airlines, and the general intention is to promote the Algarve to strategic markets worldwide next year.

These include Canada, France, Austria and Scandinavia as well as more traditional markets such as Britain, Belgium, Ireland and Germany. There is also to be an attempt to reinforce markets within Russia, Poland and Spain. The main aim of this plan is to boost the number of nights spent by tourists in the Algarve outside the height of the tourism season.

The neighboring region of Alentejo is also to promote its resources which are very similar to that of the Algarve. It’s hoped the two regions will work together, as someone staying in one region could be interested in lengthening their stay to explore the neighboring region which would prove beneficial for everyone. A major aim of the plan is to promote the relationship between the Algarve and the Alentejo regions, in the hope of attracting new markets and expanding existing ones.

There is to be an investment of €200,000 which will mainly be funded by the EU, to help consolidate the partnership between the two regions, although each region will contribute €15,000 towards this project. The project will take place over the next couple of years, and will include plans to produce a booklet detailing walking and cycling trails, eco-trails and bird watching as a way of boosting tourism.


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